Multiverse Director, Composer in Residence

Photo: Nile Scott

Photo: Nile Scott

David Ibbett is a composer of electrosymphonic music. He has found musical inspiration in many places - songs, symphonies, pop, classical and the electronic - and bringing these strands together is his ultimate aim.

His passion for combining science and music began with his father, Dr. Roger Ibbett, who is a lifelong research chemist.

David received his Bachelors at Clare College Cambridge, and his Masters at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama with Julian Anderson. In 2015, he completed his doctorate at the University of Birmingham (UK) with Jonty Harrison and Scott Wilson.

David’s music is performed nationally and internationally, with projects spanning from chamber music [Albion Trails, 2009, BBC Symphony Octet] to collaborations in dance [Project 51, dance score for The Place Resolutions, 2012) ] and works for instruments and electronics [Beauty from Nothing, 2016]. His passion for electronic music began in 2008 when he undertook a residency at the Aldeburgh Music Festival with Jonathan Harvey – an inspirational teacher and pioneer in the field.

In all projects, David seeks a deep collaboration with musicians, scientists, artists and performers. Since 2015, David has been producing concerts of music and science with Music of Reality and Multiverse Concert Series. He has collaborated with physicists (Dr. Mathew Kleban, NYU), biologists (Dr. Paul Garrity, Brandeis), engineers (Dr. Irmgard Bischofberger, MIT), sociologists (Dr. Clara Han, Johns Hopkins) and oceanographers (Dr. Sarah Davies, BU). For these concerts, David has composed a series of works for piano and electronics, including Phenomena of Growth (2017), Floods and Tears (2018), and Cellular Dance [2019] a full length ballet with cell biologist Dr. Alexey Veraksa of UMass Boston.

In tandem with his composing, David mentors young composers at Ibbett Music, the Yamaha Music School of Boston and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. His students have performed at Yamaha’s NJOC, the BBC Proms, and placed first in the MMTA composition competition.

Press and Communications Intern

Joanna Vandyke is a junior at the University of Massachusetts Lowell studying Chemistry with interests in Bioinformatics. She plans on pursuing her Ph.D in Chemistry with special interests in renewable energy and cost effective plastics. She spends her days nannying and tutoring her peers in Organic Chemistry.

Josh Ostrower

Audio/Visual Intern

Josh Ostrower is a sophomore in high school who studies electronics and piano with David Ibbett. He is a film and music enthusiast!