is an interdisciplinary 

concert and event series 

combining music and science

in live performance

we believe the endeavors 

of art and science 

stem jointly

from our innate passion

for discovery


Our mission is to translate this shared passion into events that weave together live music, lecture presentations, visual art, surround sound electronics and live science demonstrations in a truly cohesive, immersive and inspirational experience.

We believe that together, the combined insights of artists and scientists from different disciplines can reveal the world in its truest sense - immersing both the mind and emotions in a diversity of topics. Cosmology can be illuminated through paintings that translate unimaginable scales to present human experience, the movements of living cells can inspire a ballet, and the plight of coral reefs brought home by elegies for lost biodiversity. 

We live in an ever expanding world, and it is all too easy to become disconnected from all but our immediate concerns - let alone the far reaches of the universe or the heart of a living cell. The challenge of every Multiverse project is to make the distant real: bringing the micro and macro reaches of human discovery into the present moment in an atmosphere of wonder and curiosity.

Above all, Multiverse is an open space for sharing ideas and sparking new dialogues about our future we want to live in.


Multiverse is directed by David Ibbett, who is also composer in residence. The series creates a space for his work and the work of others inspired by the same vision to collaborate across disciplines.


David and Multiverse have produced events in collaboration with:


University of Massachusetts Boston

Multimedia ballet Cellular Dance funded by the College of Arts and Mathematics, with cell biologist Dr. Alexey Veraksa

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 7.40.08 PM.png

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Exoplanetary Discovery Day: celebrating the launch of NASA's Spectrum Lab website, with astrophysicist Dr. Roy Gould


Boston University

Reef Music concert in collaboration with marine biologist Dr. Sarah Davies


Green Cambridge

Concert for the Sycamores charity event, raising funds for the Heritage Tree Project

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 7.42.57 PM.png

Harvard Applied Mathematics

Computed Futures concert in collaboration with applied mathematics professor Dr. Chris Rycroft


MIT Fluids Lab

Phenomena of Growth multimedia concert with mechanical engineer Dr. Irmgard Bischofberger