Reef Music

The plight of coral reefs around the world is often overlooked - these beautiful ecosystems exist far from our everyday environments, but are suffering nonetheless from our continued use of fossil fuels.

In 2018, Music of Reality collaborated with Dr. Sarah Davies of Boston University and the Marvento Duo to produce a concert highlighting the secret life of corals, the destructive process of “coral bleaching” that occurs when ocean temperatures rise, and the complicated future that coral reefs face in the anthropocene climate.

Reef Music is now being developed by Multiverse for future performances.

Listen to the sound of a healthy reef and its diverse population of fish and shrimp, recorded by Ashlee Lillis of the Woods Hole Institute.


Black Anemones by Joseph Schwantner

performed by the Marvento Duo




Vox Balanae (Voice of the Whale)

performed by the Marvento Duo with Olivia J. P. Harris