2019-2020 Season


Multiverse: Exoplanetary
October 6th, Somerville Armory

A Discovery Day of workshops and music celebrating NASA-Smithsonian’s Spectrum Lab Website
with Roy Gould, Biophysicist

  • Workshops at 3pm

  • Spectrum Lab Exclusive Preview at 4pm

  • Shadows of Exoplanets Concert at 5pm

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WORKSHOPS: Music and Movement with Integral Steps

LECTURER: Roy Gould of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

PERFORMERS: Headliner: Marvento Duo, with Emma Shubin, Julia Connor, Elizabeth Sterling, Amelia Sie and David Ibbett

MUSIC: Emma O’Halloran, Yuko Uebayashi, George Rochberg, Arvo Pärt, Joseph Schwantner, David Ibbett, plus redshifted music from Voyager’s Golden Record



Multiverse: Hidden Worlds
7:30pm, November 14th
Charles Hayden Planetarium
Museum of Science, Boston


Explore the unseen beauty that exists in our present world during this multimedia experience that fuses together live music, science and stunning planetarium visuals. From the fractal patterns of nature to the dance of living cells, prepare to be immersed within these hidden worlds and discover the splendors that are all around us.


LECTURERS: Irmgard Bischofberger of the MIT Fluids Lab, Alexey Veraksa of UMass Boston

PERFORMERS: live electrosymphonic music for piano and chamber ensemble

MUSIC: compositions by resident composer David Ibbett

Fluid dynamics researcher Irmgard Bischofberger, resident composer David Ibbett and cell biologist Alexey Veraksa will guide you on a narrated journey through the structures of life and non-life, revealing how the principles of chaos and order interact to produce the symmetry and flux of our surrounding world.

Experience the Multiverse Concert Series when it comes to the extraordinary realm of the Charles Hayden Planetarium this Fall for one night only.

Black Hole Symphony

Multiverse: Black Hole Symphony
April 2020

A journey through time and space
narrated through music, art and science

Featuring the work of black hole researchers from Boston and beyond, interwoven with music, visual and live performance art

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Multiverse: Concert for the Sycamores
June 2020
Memorial Drive near JFK Park

Green Cambridge, River Bend Park Trust, and Multiverse present “Concert for the Sycamores”, a musical celebration of the heritage trees on Memorial Drive and the work to preserve them for future generations.

Learn about Green Cambridge’s work while enjoying classical and electronic music in the company of the surrounding historic London Plane sycamores.

More info about the Heritage Trees and at greencambridge.org