A Discovery Day of Workshops and Music
Celebrating NASA-Smithsonian’s Spectrum Lab Website

Sunday October 6th at the Somerville Armory

To purchase tickets, choose from below:

All workshop registrations include free concert tickets for all children and two adults.
Early bird pricing until September 23rd.

Open to all: Spectrum Lab Exclusive Preview at 4pm
A chance to use NASA-Smithsonian’s exoplanet-finding website for the first time!
With science/art activity stations for kids and social time and drinks from the bar for adults.


WORKSHOPS: Music and Movement with Integral Steps ages 4-12. Using music, movement, imagination, and discovery-based learning, students will swing and skip in low gravity, orbit around distant stars, and experience music joyfully from the inside out.

LECTURER: Roy Gould of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

PERFORMERS: Headliner: Marvento Duo, with Emma Shubin, Julia Connor, Elizabeth Sterling, Amelia Sie and David Ibbett

MUSIC: Emma O’Halloran, Yuko Uebayashi, George Rochberg, Arvo Pärt, David Ibbett, plus redshifted music from Voyager’s Golden Record

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